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1 Mar 14, 2005 01:20    

Is it possible (and if it is, how?) to set up something like the ff:

One installation of b2evo, with three blogs and each blog has a different default skin and...

Okay, hard to explain something like this:

BLOG1 - has A as the default skin and no skin chooser*
BLOG2 - has B as the default skin and no skin chooser*
BLOG3 - has C as the default skin and a skin chooser that gives the options C, D and E, but not A or B.

* --> I'd just delete the skin selector part of the layout.

Because what's happenening now is two of my hostees have their own installations of b2evo and they run one blog each, with just the default skin. They both like b2evo more that WP (w00t) but it just seems silly for us to have three installations when they barely use most of b2evo's power.

Thanks! :D

2 Mar 14, 2005 02:54

Yes, and it's all done by checking the appropriate boxes in your back office on the blogs tab after selecting each blog. I have 4 or 5 blogs, each with a different skin, though none have skin switching enabled anymore.

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