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Started by on Mar 14, 2005 – Contents updated: Mar 14, 2005

1 Mar 14, 2005 03:44    


When i try to use actual HTML when posting in my blog i get a bunch of <br> tag errors of some sort.

is there anyway to allow HTML?


2 Mar 14, 2005 04:03

HTML IS allowed, but because b2evolution is written to the XHTML standard (either transitional or strict), certain -old style- HTML tags are deprecated (no longer used).

<br> is one of those tags.

XHTML standards say that each tag must be closed (i.e. have a corresponding </close> tag).

However, some tags (like <hr>, <img> and, in your case, <br>) DON'T.

XHTML provides for this allowing such tags to SELF-CLOSE. To self close these tags, end it with a [space][backslash][and whatever the name is for a sideways hat '>'] (dunno the correct name :oops: )

Looks like:

<br />

Advice? Learn XHTML ... it's gonna be the 'new way'. ;)

Hope this helps.


PS - If you want, have a peek at /conf/_formatting.php (that's the file that lists all of the allowed tags)

3 Mar 14, 2005 04:27

ah, i get yea :p, thanks :)

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