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1 Mar 15, 2005 16:25    

in my referrer list on I only see the referrers, but it would also like to see the time of the referrer. How can I do this?

2 Mar 15, 2005 16:46

in skins/stats.php find :-
<li><a href="<?php stats_referer() ?>"><?php stats_basedomain() ?></a></li>

and change it to :-
<li><a href="<?php stats_referer() ?>"><?php stats_basedomain() ?> <?php stats_time() ?></a></li>

3 Mar 15, 2005 16:47

Where's the link to

4 Mar 15, 2005 17:39

dont see one, heh, no surprise :roll:

5 Mar 15, 2005 18:01

Yes, I'm sorry, the link will be there soon, once i get my pagefooter working.

thanks for your help, but there is one small problem. It displays the date as well, I only want the hour and the minutes. You have a suggestion.

6 Mar 15, 2005 18:05

<?php stats_time('H:i:s') ?>

7 Mar 15, 2005 18:10

You probably can put a php time format inside the parentheses ()

[url=]formats options are here[/url]

or just try stats_time("g:iA") for H:MM[AM/PM] :)

8 Mar 15, 2005 18:18

okay super, thanks guys.

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