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1 Mar 15, 2005 15:36    

How can I add a small ditty about myself such as the picture etc on this page

Is the picture of the little girl and the captions underneath

2 Mar 15, 2005 15:59

Just crack open skins/yourskinname/_main.php in your favourite text editor and edit away. It's just xhtml and css.

3 Mar 15, 2005 16:02

Yep tried that and can't figure out how to align things etc. I need some help with the code. Newbie here to this type of coding etc.

5 Mar 15, 2005 16:10

Anyone else. Thanks

6 Mar 15, 2005 16:23

graham pointed you in the right direction -- if you want to simplify it, creat a stub of one of your pages, and edit out the post stuff, dropping in what sort of info you want on the page, then just link to it the way you link to anything else.

Suggestions beyond his, especially regarding specific troubles you might be having with alignment, like you mentioned, cannot really be helped since you didnt provide a link to the page.

Its just HTML after all, in undercase, of course (yes that is a simplification) 8|

7 Mar 15, 2005 18:23


It's really pretty simple. Just modify your _main.php like Graham was suggesting. You've already added the counter ... do it the same way.

Just pick a spot that you want your bio to show and insert the following code:

<div id="myBio">
<img src="url to your pic" alt="some text" />
<p>Some brief text about yourself.  And maybe <a href="url to specific blog entry, or separate webpage, with more detail" title="click for more info on me">a link to more info</a></p>

Just make sure that it's AFTER a closing </div> for another <bSideItem> and BEFORE the next <bSideItem>.

You can control the formatting in your CSS file, for what what you inserted, above, using the following selectors (placed anywhere in your CSS file ... tho I generally like to have the CSS sort of match the XHTML ... position-wise, as it makes it easier to find the CSS I'm looking for).

#myBio {formatting for the DIV}
#myBio img {formatting for the IMAGE}
#myBio p {formatting for the paragraph}
#myBio a:link {formatting for the link}

Grahams suggestion on w3schools is a good one. They have a nice FREE tutorial. Take 2 hours and do it. You'll learn lots. It won't kill you ;)

8 Mar 15, 2005 18:27

Awesome will do thanks for your help.

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