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1 Mar 15, 2005 22:43    

I apologize if this is something that I should have been able to find elsewhere by now, but I've been searching around and tried multiple options and can't figure out a way to do this on my own ~ I'm not even sure if it's something that is possible to do.

Ideally what I need to be able to do is have separate blogs for each user. Each user needs to be able to post/edit/etc. (basically administer) on their own blogs only...the other users blogs can only be read by those who don't "own" that specific blog. (I hope that makes sense.) Is this feasible with this program? And if so, can someone please explain to me (in the most basic instructions possible) how exactly I would go about achieving this? I appreciate any help/advice you all could offer me.

2 Mar 15, 2005 23:05

Everyone can read anything.
Only 'members' can 'if they have the proper rights' write/edit the posts in a blog.

So what you want is to make x blogs (other then the all blog) for x users.
As administer you make every user a member of there own blog, and make shure that that user can edit/create/delete posts in that blog.
Since the other users are not a member, they wont see that blog when they are in the backoffice.

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