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1 Mar 17, 2005 22:22    

I've been trying to install b2evo in another server using the "Upgrade from a previous version of b2evolution: Upgrade your b2evolution database tables in order to make them compatible with the current version!" option... to no avail.

I'm getting errors left and right, it seems the installation program cannot read the old database:

MySQL error!

Table 'dunhill_New.evo_settings' doesn't exist(Errno=1146)

Your query:
SELECT * FROM evo_settings LIMIT 1

I have also unsuccessfully tried to install first a brand new copy of b2Evo and then do a restore of the old backup, and also tried manually entering information from the old tables into the new ones in phpMyAdmin, get errors when doing this as well.

Any and all suggestions are welcome, as I am running out of time, need to move from one server to another.

What would be the best method to get the darn old database, produced with b2evo 9.0.5, to run with the newer 9.10 ?


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