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1 Mar 18, 2005 06:31    

I imported a bunch of posts (with some difficulty) from blogger. All the posts show up just fine in edit mode. Alas, if I click the edit button on any of my posts, I get the following error message:
Oops, no post with this ID.
Any ideas what is wrong?

2 Mar 18, 2005 20:52

I found the problem. When I imported the posts, the post_ID was too big to be INT in the database, so I changed it to BIGINT (as recommended elsewhere on the board). Alas, that caused a problem in two php files, b2edit.php and editactions.php. The fix was to make the following changes:

in b2edit.php:
~line 28:
param( 'post', 'integer', true );
param( 'post', 'string', true );

in editactions.php:
~line 182:
param( 'post_ID', 'integer', true );
param( 'post_ID', 'string', true );

and ~line 294:
param( 'post_ID', 'integer', true );
param( 'post_ID', 'string', true );

and ~line 385:
param( 'post_ID', 'integer');
param( 'post_ID', 'string');

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