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1 Mar 18, 2005 19:47    

I'm pretty new at this kind of thing and I'm not sure if it's possible but if it is how do you put your blog onto ur webpage?

I have a template for my site and I want to blend the blog with the site so that it's the main page. I'm just not sure how. I would just write it up everytime I have something to say but I'd like people to comment to. And I'd like posts to be archived.

3 Mar 18, 2005 21:04

Is that to change the skin of your blog? Because that's not what I want to do!

4 Mar 18, 2005 21:14

From what you said, it is. You want to make your blog look like the rest of your site, right? Well, make a skin that has all the needed bits (the posts loop and the archives) and pop all the rest of the gubbins from your site in there too. Make your blog the default through index.php (or rename stub_a.php to whatever you want to, change the blog number in it if it's pointing to the wrong one, and make the appropriate change in the blogs section of your backoffice), and no one will ever know the difference.

5 Mar 18, 2005 21:17

You could try :-
in config.php
change baseurl to
crack open skins/custom/main
delete everything apart from the bit that shows the posts
in index.php (for phpnuke)
include "b2evo directory/index.php"; // where you want the posts/comments to appear


6 Mar 18, 2005 21:34

Thanks I'll try that! :D

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