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1 Mar 19, 2005 12:46    

I'm just recovering from a major computercrash (or at least, my provider got a crash)
There was no backup, and mine was 7 days old (slam myself)
I got it working again for the most part.
But I'm still dealing with this very strange thing :
I never had the problem with language things, but out of the blue, my posts, and my language-files seems to be damaged.
The problem is that I don't have clue of where to start looking.

[url=] a screendump[/url]

As you can see, sometimes I have trouble with the accented letters, sometime I don't.

Is this something on the server, something in the database, something in my programcode, ...????

2 Mar 19, 2005 14:05

You don't have permission to access /blog/media/error_1.jpg on this server.

On another note, I wish i could actually understand your blog, everytime I go there, I think, pfft, crap. :(

3 Mar 19, 2005 15:31

I updated the link.
It's like I have a hotlink protection on or something.
I putted the image in a post on my blog
the english section of my blog ;)

4 Mar 19, 2005 17:41

english, where?!

5 Mar 19, 2005 19:24

seems to be a problem with the non-english-letters. so maybe your mysql or apache is using UTF or something like that instead of ISO-whatever.
ask your host, if they changed the charset.

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