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1 Mar 21, 2005 14:28    

I get the below error when trying to post a new comment.

Since you're a newcomer, you'll have to wait for an admin to authorize you to post. You can also e-mail the admin to ask for a promotion. When you're promoted, just reload this page and you'll be able to blog. :)

The user is new, in the Administrator group and has a level of 10.

If anyone could tell me how I could authorize I'd appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

2 Mar 21, 2005 15:09

I guess you're not trying to post a new comment, but a new post.

A user needs to be a member of the blog, and has to have permission to do various things in the system. You can set these permissions by going to the Blogs tab in the admin area, selecting the blog you wish to edit, then click on the permissions tab.

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