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1 Mar 21, 2005 15:09    

I installed b2evo about 2 weeks ago and my site just seems to lag... takes forever to do anything. The home page is not image heavy or anything... just seems like the loading is forever. Any ideas or possible theories?! Just FYI the flash menu is less than 6k so its not that.

Thanks in advance.

2 Mar 21, 2005 19:48

I'm on a 4mbps+ connection, and your site took about 8 seconds to load. I would say that your host doesn't have good enough servers, or has too many users on a server. You could contact them to see if they're having issues with php / mysql, but I'd put my money on a slow server.

3 Mar 22, 2005 03:51

So you don't think its anything else, like extra scripts running or something bogging down the mysql or anything right?

4 Mar 22, 2005 13:59

You could try it without the flash, but the delay wasn't in my computer loading the flash, it was waiting for the server to respond to my request.

Oh, I forgot. Next time you ask for support, make sure you link to us. We don't normally help people who don't have the b2evolution button.

5 Mar 22, 2005 14:32

ok, sorry about that. Will do. Appreciate the input.

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