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1 Mar 22, 2005 16:58    

Ok I need to insert a splash (intro) page to my site ( A simple warning page, with a link to the blog ).

Right now my blog works right from the standard URL to my site, but I need to put another index there for the splash page and then link to the blog through that page... is this possible at all without reinstalling everything in a different directory? I don't want to lose all my posts... can we rename the index.php for the blog to blog.php or anything in the options or anything?

I'm lost here, any help from the b2evo gurus to solve my problem would be really appreciated!

2 Mar 22, 2005 22:23

Wow, lots of anythings there.

Anyway, to the point.

Look in your installation and find the a_stub.php in the /blogs folder. Rename this to whatever you want. Open it up, and change the blog number to which ever blog you use (it's probably two though, so you probably wont need to change it).

Now go to your back office, click on the blogs tab, select the blog you use, and change it's access type to through a stub file, and put the name of the stub file in the box.

Click on save and you're done.

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