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1 Mar 22, 2005 18:03    

I would like to know how to make my archive links just one link. I edited the main template and got rid of the sidebar successfully, and I cut and pasted the archive information within the post, but , it list every post I have, when all I want is a simple link that says archive, and for it to open up in a new page.

2 Mar 22, 2005 21:36

Stright from the custom skin:

<a href="<?php $Blog->disp( 'arcdirurl', 'raw' ) ?>" title="Visit the complete archives"><?php echo T_('more...') ?></a>

Of course you can replace more... with whatever you want.

It will appear in every post becuase you've put it within the posts loop (denoted by start of posts and end of posts). Anything you put in there will appear with every post.

3 Mar 22, 2005 21:47

Oh thank you so much lol I would have never gotten that on my own...NEVER

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