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1 Mar 24, 2005 02:02    

Long time lurker, first time post ;)

I've search for the answer to this question, but have come up blank. I'm hoping there's a simple solution.

Okay, I'm tired of clicking thru and removing all the spammers from my logs manually, you know the procedure, click on X or the title (/) to ban the domain, wait for it to check, then process. Repeat for all entries.

9/10 times, the main DB already know about the Spammers and the entry is removed, but I get 1000's of these things to go thru, even when I download the spam database updates every few days - there's always some that got thru, but in the mean time the main DB has caught up but they've already hit my logs.

So my question is, is there a way to run thru the database to re-check and AUTOMATICALLY remove know spammers after the fact w/o having to click on each one?



3 Mar 24, 2005 20:02

cool. i've give it a try :)


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