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1 Mar 23, 2005 18:19    

is there a way to have different number of posts per page depending on the skin?
I've only found one place where to set it in the admin area, in the Settings tab, but it is for all the blogs.

What I'll like is:
mySkin/_main.php shows 5 posts
myOtherSkin/_main.php shows 7 posts


2 Mar 23, 2005 20:45

This cannot be set on a per skin basis, but it can be set for each stub file (obviously you must be using stub files).

I think if you just pop in $posts= 'X'; Where X is the number of posts just before the include for the magic b2evo files, it will work. It might just be $post, but it's one of the two.

3 Mar 23, 2005 21:52

(obviously you must be using stub files)

what I have done is to edit trim mySkin/_main.php to leave only the Main Area, basically from START OF POSTS to END OF POSTS.
Without the html, head or body tags, just the wrapper div.
Now I use it as this in my main page:

<div class="myClass">
   <? include("http://myIP/myb2Evo/index.php?blog=2&cat=10&skin=mySkin"); ?>
   <a href="http://myIP/myb2Evo/index.php?blog=2&cat=10&skin=myMainSkin"> More News:</a>

It works fine, It shows the last entries in blog 2, cat 10 in one column in my main page and I've got a link to the blog 2 cat 10 but with myMainSkin which will have the proper blog tools (comments, etc).

The thing is to have 2 - 3 entries in my main home page and to have 5 or 7 when full blog is displayed.

Where should I put the $posts=3 ?

Thanks in advance
PS. I hope I'm not confusing anybody

4 Mar 24, 2005 01:46

Oh, follow this post first

Now, replace the second instance of index.php in your include with whatever you called your stub file. Keep everything else the same (although you might need to remove 'blog=2', I'm not sure.

And then open up the stub file in an editor again and put in the posts bit that I gave you just before the include to the main b2evo file.

5 Mar 24, 2005 11:19

Thanks a lot,
it works fine...

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