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Thread last updated on Mar 24, 2005 at 20:57

1 Mar 24, 2005 20:57    

I'm a complete newbie and totally lost with my installation... help!

as instructed, I uploaded all the files in the "blogs" folder (one by one... urg...). then I tried as instructed... and I'm still getting the HTTP 404 error "page not found". what should I do? (by the way, is there a better way to upload files in a group, instead of one by one??)


2 Mar 24, 2005 21:10

Use and ftp to just drag and drop the folder where you would like it (ex) root /blog... etc. Obviously your path is just incorrect. Unless I'm wrong I thought there was an install folder.. so maybe it should be blogs/install/index.php or install.php.. sorry I forget the file name. Hopefully someone else can be of more help...

There are tons of free Ftp clients out there... I 'm sure anyone here can recommend a good one.

3 Mar 24, 2005 21:41

you totally saved me hours and hours... thanks again!

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