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1 Mar 24, 2005 22:31    

Right now, until I throw together some new graphics for my custom skin, I am using the "mars-spirit" skin for my b2evo blog. I ran into a problem though;
aligning an image right, makes it disappear.
(doesn't matter if you use the marginright class or align=right)

As odd as it was, I tried tearing the skin apart to figure out why. Although I think I know why it does this, instead of tearing up the skin I figured on a better solution...that may even help if this ever occurs again in another skin.

in the rsc/img.css I added this line to the end:

img.btf {
	position: relative;
	z-index: 2;

Now if I tag the img as a "btf" class (named for "bring to front"..get it? :) )
the image will be popped to the front above the style coding, but the position:relative should keep the monster caged in the parent boxing.

Quick and dirty. Don't know if it's the "best" solution, but it works and can be turned on and off easilly in any skin.

2 Mar 26, 2005 15:34


I couldn't get to your URL supplied (Operation Timed Out). Too bad, as I wanted to have a peek.

I've had limited success using the z-index property, mostly because (if I remember correctly) it only works on inline elements which have BOTH been positioned. (And I generally try to use it on ANYTHING, positioned or not!)

Dumb me! ;)

So ... as a consequence, I've added z-index to my phobic list of CSS properties ... right along with nested lists and vertical/horizontal centering for any/all objects.

I can, however, think of another result for your 'btf' initialism. 8|

-Scott ;)

3 Mar 27, 2005 00:56

yeah my cable modem's been acting up lately. I'm trying to diagnose the problem. It only started randomly losing connection after I switched my whole site to a linux box. So I dunno. I'm working on it.

Anyway, my site should be up again (for now..) and hopefully soon it'll stay up.

The example I'm mainly siting from my blog is from my God of War (ps2) review. The pic would dissappear if aligned right, until I messed with the z-index.

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