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1 Mar 24, 2005 22:54    

just startin' out here and still trying to figure out these things that are prolly pretty basic for ya'll... help?

2 Mar 25, 2005 02:03

The easy way to do it is to install b2evo in your web root. Just copy everything in /blogs to / through FTP. You'll have to change the config file and maybe re-run the install script. So, if you haven't done much with your blog yet, then you may just want to do a fresh install, copying the contents of the blogs folder to the web root and setting it up from scratch. But I don't like it that way . . .

3 Mar 25, 2005 02:25

I don't like installing to the web root because it puts so many files there and generally clutters things up. I have several CMSs installed and I like each one to be in its own folder. So, I installed it in a folder called /b2evo/, but in the config file I set the base url to be the web root. Then I edited some lines in the conf/_advanced.php to tell it where to find the folders it needs. So I changed

$conf_subdir = '/conf';         // Subdirectory relative to base


$conf_subdir = 'b2e/conf';         // Subdirectory relative to base

and so on with the other subdirectories.
You will need to move your index.php file to the web root. I create stub files in the web root when I'm making new blogs.

4 Mar 25, 2005 09:14

Hi personman...

just redirect your side ;-)

You have to save an index.php into your root (be sure to delete an existing index.html)
with this content:

header ("Location:");

or save an index.html with an head-tag like this:

<META HTTP-EQUIV="refresh" CONTENT="0; URL=" >

without any body.

or you can run it in a frame fpr all the "older" browsers, that aren't abel to redirect

	<META HTTP-EQUIV="CONTENT-TYPE" CONTENT="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">
	<FRAME SRC="" NAME="Mysite">

have fun!


5 Mar 25, 2005 15:07

When I settled on my solution I was being pretty picky about how my permalinks would look. A redirect would make the add the install directory in to the permalink urls. A minor difference, but for me it was worth the work up front.

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