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1 Oct 16, 2003 15:25    

Hi fplanque,

I was always wondering, how did your article article system on is constructed. It looks really cool. But I'll never ever figure out myself how to make a similar system with b2evolution. So, could you share your experience with us, please.

N.B. Currently I'm using pmachine for my blog, but I almost finished new version of the site, which will be powered by b2evolution. :)

2 Oct 16, 2003 22:27

what do you mean? the template for the home page?

3 Oct 17, 2003 09:40

no, not the template, but the structure of the site. As I see, your site has several sections: blog, articles, sofware. I wonder, how did you operate an article section. Did you do customization to b2evo? How could I make the similar structure like

4 Oct 17, 2003 13:22

hehe actually no, the articles section is 100% static.

These articles have been there before I even started to install a blog on the site.

However, I am thinking about having b2evo handling these articles, essentially for comments. But I still need to work on that.

First step is to reference the articles in a blog with their static page urls, like you do with a blogroll.

5 Oct 20, 2003 07:46

Thanx for the info.

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