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1 May 25, 2005 01:26    

Ok, to start off, this is a big deep ugly hack that involves changing a lot of stuff, creating a file or two, and modifying the db.

Not for the faint of heart, but worth it, for the cleanness of category links.
So, instead of, you'll have

1. [url=]Use super clean .php-less links.[/url] Add "category" to the list of blog stubs in your .htaccess file.

2. Make sure that your categories all have unique names. It won't work if you have two blogs with categories of the same name.

3. Create a new column in your evo_categories table. Call it "cat_url_title", and make it a Varchar(255) or so. (TinyText would work, too.)

4. Create a file called "category.php", and put this in it:

$ReqArr = explode('/',$ReqURI);
$cat_url_name = $ReqArr[2];

require_once dirname(__FILE__).'/b2evocore/_main.php';

if($cat_url_name != '')
	$query = "UPDATE `evo_categories` set `cat_url_name` = lcase(replace(replace(replace(replace(replace(replace(replace(replace(replace(replace(`cat_name`,' ','_'),'-','_'),'/','_'),'\\\','_'),'__','_'),'__','_'),'__','_'),'__','_'),'__','_'),'__','_'))";
	$DB->query( $query );
	$query = "SELECT `cat_ID`, `cat_blog_ID` FROM `evo_categories` WHERE `cat_url_name` = '$cat_url_name'";
	$res = $DB->get_row( $query, ARRAY_A );
		$cat = $res['cat_ID'];
		$_GET['cat'] = $cat;
		$blog = $res['cat_blog_ID'];

//spoof the requri so that b2evo don't get confused.
$ReqURI = '/index.php?cat='.$cat;
$ReqPath = '/index.php';

if( empty($blog) )$blog = $Settings->get('default_blog_ID');
if( empty($blog) )$blog=1;

$linkblog = 4;
$blogroll_blog = 4;
$linkblog_cat = '';

$cat_array[] = $cat;

require_once dirname(__FILE__)."/$core_subdir/_blog_main.php";

Save it, and upload to your website.

Now, urls like should get you the category listing. If it doesn't work, then stop here, and start debugging. The category name in the url should be lower-case, with _ instead of space, -, \, or /. (Other funky chars could probably mess it up...)

5. If you already have a /conf/hacks.php, add this too it. If not, create a file called "hacks.php" and put it in your conf folder. Put this in it:

function category_stub_link($cat_name)
	$cat_name = strtolower($cat_name);
	$cat_name = str_replace(' ','_',$cat_name);
	$cat_name = str_replace('-','_',$cat_name);
	$cat_name = str_replace('/','_',$cat_name);
	$cat_name = str_replace('\\','_',$cat_name);
	$cat_name = str_replace('__','_',$cat_name);
	$cat_name = str_replace('__','_',$cat_name);
	$cat_name = str_replace('__','_',$cat_name);
	$cat_name = str_replace('__','_',$cat_name);
	$cat_name = str_replace('__','_',$cat_name);
	$cat_name = str_replace('__','_',$cat_name);
	return 'YOUR CATEGORY URL HERE!!' . $cat_name;

Make sure that your blog still works. Replace the part that it says to replace with

6. Open up b2evocore/_class_item.php, and find this line:

$cat_name = '<a href="'.url_add_param( get_bloginfo('blogurl', $curr_blogparams), 'cat='.$cat_ID ).'" title="'.$link_title.'">'.$cat_name.'</a>';

Comment it out, and replace with this:

$cat_name = '<a href="'.category_stub_link($cat_name).'" title="'.$link_title.'">'.$cat_name.'</a>';

Now, you should have proper category links on each blog post. If you don't, stop and debug.

7. Open up skins/_categories.php, and find this line:

echo '<a href="'.url_add_param( get_bloginfo('blogurl'), 'cat='.$cat_ID ).'">'.format_to_output($cat['cat_name'], 'htmlbody').'</a> <span class="dimmed">('.$cat['cat_postcount'].')</span>';

Comment it out, and replace with this:

echo '<a href="'.category_stub_link($cat['cat_name']).'">'.format_to_output($cat['cat_name'], 'htmlbody').'</a> <span class="dimmed">('.$cat['cat_postcount'].')</span>';

Now, the category links in the sidebar of each skin should be cleaned, too.

All done! :)

2 May 25, 2005 10:55

Wow, looks nice. Thought of including this in the cvs?

3 May 25, 2005 18:02

Thought about it, yes. However, it would take a fair amount of work to clean it up.

1. The cat_url_name should be created whenever the category is created, and should be configurable in the backoffice.

2. The cat_url_title should be a key to prevent duplicates, and if a duplicate exists, then b2evo should save it with a number at the end (like with post_url_title.)

4. It should sanitize the same way that post_url_title is sanitized, rather than my somewhat arbitrary selection of a few characters that aren't allowed.

5. There should be a place in the backoffice to specify the category stub name. Actually, would be a better implementation, imo. That way, there's no extra cat stub, and the code that grabs the category would go in _vars.php where it slices up the URL. (The same place where I hacked it to take the date out of the permalinks.)

6. I'd have to actually get PGP working properly.

All in all, more work than I have time for at the moment.

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