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technorati tag hack

Started by on Jun 03, 2005 – Contents updated: Jun 03, 2005

Jun 03, 2005 17:22    

Hi I wrote a little (very little) hack tou add a technorati button in th edit form.
It turns white-space separated selection into technorati tags and links directly in the backoffice.
May have bug and caveats with something else than IE. Forgive my english, here is the french link.

Jul 27, 2005 02:09

Doesn't work with Firefox, unfortunately, so I had to delete it again :'(

Jul 27, 2005 09:19

Sorry. I'll try to figure out how to make it work with FireFox.
But, I'm not a good javascript developper at all ....
I'll tell you.

Mar 14, 2006 18:20

Updated to V 0.2 to support Firefox....
Well.... at least mine ;-)

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