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1 Jun 24, 2005 01:35    

I'm making localization for Serbian and I'm almost done with translatation, but I'm having big problem with utf-8. I've set everywhere (in _locales.php and admin) that encoding for that localization (sr-YU) is utf-8. But when I open any page characters like Č, Š, Ć and others are changed by some unknown ones and when I check encoding in browser, it's set to ISO. So I change it to UTF, but when I reload it changes back to ISO. I've also checked source of some pages (parsed from php) and it shows utf-8 as charset in meta. I'm really cofused, mostly because I have now really everywhere changed to utf coding (in each of localz. settings) but still it reverts to ISO. I've also tried opening site on other computer, and same thing happens.
Help :'(

2 Jun 25, 2005 19:07

Can someone please help? :'(

3 Jun 25, 2005 19:37

I just found out something...whichever localization I select, it uses ISO encoding and can't show special characters! Now I'm totaly and completely confused

4 Jul 04, 2005 13:01

Make sure you have specified utf-8 in the locales screen when you have created your new locale.

5 Jul 04, 2005 13:37

No, I've done everything right. It's my hosts. Only allowed language of sites is english so you can't have any other encoding except ISO. They 'remembered' to add that to TOS just a week ago.

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