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1 Jul 06, 2005 19:50    

I was wondering what's the use of the 'locale' flags. At first I thought it could be useful to rapidly identify the language used in a post, but it's of no help in many cases: for instance, most European countries are multilingual...

So, what is the advantage of having those flags displayed?

Thanks in advance,


2 Jul 16, 2005 23:25

If your blog is used in an international environment, it's nice to know from what country people are posting.

But you are right, for most people, it has no use.

3 Jul 19, 2005 17:04

Hi Topanga,
thanks for your reply.

> But you are right, for most people, it has no use.

Well, the fact is that it could be very useful for many people, or at least for me ;), but only if the flag-feature were LANGUAGE-oriented (instead of/apart from being COUNTRY-oriented).

And here comes my feature request:

Imagine a blog in which there are articles written in two or more different languages. The language used in each article would be easily identifiable by the corresponding flag. Moreover, users would have the chance to view only those articles written in a particular language (by clicking on the corresponding flag in the nav bar, for instance). Do you know what I mean?



4 Jul 19, 2005 18:12

that's quicky possible, even right now.
Because the flag is bound to a language.
So if you make new flags, language flags for exemple, thanyou can put each flag to each language you'll use in your blog.

5 Jul 28, 2005 07:36

It's fine when there are language options for different users to choose from. But how about a country that is not listed under the flags? I noticed there is English for Singapore flag but there ain't no English for the Malaysian flag. Is there a way for me to make a flag meself and plonk it into some folder on my server and get that up?

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