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1 Jun 26, 2005 02:26    

How do you change the first day of the week on calendar? Would like to start on Sunday. Unable to find toggle. Can someone advise appropriate toggle or script change in template? THANKS!

2 Jun 26, 2005 09:00

You'll find the setting right at the bottom of conf/_locales.php.


3 Jun 26, 2005 22:01

Thanks for your help. I appreciate it very much......

but I can't seem to find that file. Search of folder structure reveals no "conf" folder (if that's what I am looking for) and not file "_locales.php". Are there multiple versions of b2evo? I am working on What am I doing wrong?

Duh! I feel really stupid since I was looking in my phpbb folder. I am setting up a forum and a blog and do not have the folders named very well. The setting is now changed and I have had a very good learning experience. I really like this tool!!

Chuck Morrison

4 Jun 26, 2005 22:07

I am a newbie to b2evo (and php)....I am assuming that when I make the change that Y refers to above, I will need to reapply the change when an upgrade is released. True statement? If so, is there software of some kind - open source or commercial - that provides an easy mechanism to track changes to the base release and automate the re-application of changes upon upgrade? Thanks, so much for your time and patience with nb issues in general.

6 Jun 26, 2005 22:52

Thanks for info on these tools. I will check them out - they look pretty intuitive. I will also be checking more of the forum you referred me to. Thanks.

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