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Where to find plugins for b2evolution ?

Started by on Aug 03, 2005 – Contents updated: Aug 03, 2005

Aug 03, 2005 23:46    

Greetings !!

After testing many blogging softwares I have decided to stick with b2evolution for our internal weblog where I work.

Now I would like to add some functionnality through plugins, I unfortunately dont have time to do the numerous hacks I could do so I was wondering, is there any website where I can find plugins that we know are compatible with b2evolution ?

Also, would (some) WordPress (or any othersoftware) plugins be compatible with b2evolution ?

In short, I dont have time to hack through the code, I'd like to simply drag and drop plugins in the plugins folder and start using them (a bit of necessary configuration is okay with me). Where to go to get such plugins and how to get them to work once they are dropped in the folder (sometimes we need to do something, sometimes not) ??

Thanks in advance.

Aug 03, 2005 23:50

my advice : wait a maximum of 6 weeks till the new version of b2e is comming out.
This version is made for easy plugins.

Aug 04, 2005 01:42

That's awesome Topanga. Can't wait to get the new version.


Aug 04, 2005 08:39

It probably won't be that long. All that's left to do is to fix the antispam, and then test it a bit ourselves to make sure that there aren't any major obvious problems. Then I think you lot will be getting it!

Aug 04, 2005 08:41

Thanks for the update Graham. A quick tutorial on how to install the new version will be very much appreciated and also if we can retain the existing skins and stuff.

Aug 04, 2005 15:03

Yes that's very good news indeed !!

Still, I'd like to have some pointers as to where to find plugins that are compatible with b2evolution.

Like would you know where to find a plugin that would allow me to create polls on our weblogs ? And a plugin that would allow us to create our own editable calendar ?

Also, Id like a plugin that would allow us to blog by email ... I know its possible through a hack but I'd rather test a plugin with my test installation before hacking through the code.

Aug 04, 2005 16:53

blogging by email is possible without any change in the code
it's included allready ;)

for the rest : in the past, there was no good 'plugin' thing for b2evo.. that's why you will not find plugins for b2evo...
After the 'phoenix'-release they will come

Aug 04, 2005 20:57

Ah I see, thanks for the clarifications Topanga !

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