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Enhancing your linkblog

Started by on Aug 07, 2005 – Contents updated: Aug 07, 2005

Aug 07, 2005 19:22    

[url=]My blog post[/url] and [url=]the functions[/url]
Basically: you add three functions to _class_item, you modify your skins/_linkblog (or skins/skinname/_linkblog) file to call these functions, you might want to modify all your skins/skinname/_linkblog files to add a variable to control one of the three functions.
What you get: The URL you are linking to becomes the tooltip for the linkblog entry, a specified amount of text from the linkblog post is included in the sidebar (with ... indicating there is more to read if there is more to read), and a permalink icon only if there is text in the linkblog post.
In other words: You don't get no tooltip and all the text and a permalink icon even when there is nothing to read.

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