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1 Dec 14, 2003 08:43    

when i try to blog my text....

thankz !!

2 Dec 14, 2003 17:09

You can change the skin if you'd like. Just by editing the CSS file you can alter any part of a good skin. This, of course, requires that you know a little HTML and CSS.

On the other hand, I don't know if b2evo supports any type of BBCode where there's a shorthand for changing colors. It would definitely be something worth considering.

Travis S

3 Dec 20, 2003 10:29

change CSS may help on the display of the blogs...

but i am considering the BBcode style... :D

4 Dec 30, 2003 01:34

I believe you can enable different HTML code in one of the PHP files. I can't recall which one, perhaps another user might remember, or you may seek it out.


5 Jun 23, 2004 07:43

Did you ever figure out how to add the ability to change font color and size in your posts?

6 Jun 23, 2004 10:40

Look at the css! Everything is controlled by the css in your chosen skin.

7 Jun 24, 2004 00:03

I think that he's asking how to change the fontsize/color *of a part of a post* from the "new post" form. That's definitely a how-to and not a CSS or evoSkin question. (If I'm mistaken, guys, please post to the correct forum, either Client-side stuff for general CSS help or the evoSkins forum for questions about where to go to fix these things.)

You can use BB Style to style bits of your post.
These instructions apply to version 0.9
1. When you're writing a post, look at the lower-right. If you don't see BB Code as one of the options, then [url=]read the manual[/url] and come back if you have any problems.
2. Check the box for BB Code to enable it
3. Write something like this in your post:

[size=10]This is normal-sized text[/size]
[size=5]This is little text[/size]
[size=20]This is giant text[/size]
[color=red]This is red text[/color]
[color=blue]This is blue text[/color]
[u]This is underlined text[/u]
[i]This is italics text[/i]
[b]This is bold text[/b]
[size=20][b][i][color=red]This is big bold italics red text[/color][/i][/b][/size] (Remember to close in the reverse order that you open, or you may get some odd results.)

That'll produce something like this: bb code wrote:

This is normal-sized text
This is little text
This is giant text
This is red text
This is blue text
[u]This is underlined text[/u]
This is italics text
This is bold text
This is big bold italics red text (Remember to close in the reverse order that you open, or you may get some odd results.)

8 Feb 27, 2006 15:20

I don't have BB Code as one of my text options,, but I'm
very interested in changing the font size,, since it's showing
up almost tiny,, it rediculous that there's no font display
option in the text editor. I'm using the Happyblog skin,
but the text comes through so small that I need my high
powered reading glasses.


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