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1 Aug 21, 2005 04:34    

Well here is my site..."

Only question I have is how do I link to a specific blog in my b2 site? I have tried the track back ID but just generates a blank page in explorer???

Later I am kinda busy uhhh ummm HaHahahaaaaa!

2 Aug 21, 2005 04:44

If you want to link to a specific post in your blog first click the permalink for the post you want to link to, then copy the address from the address bar, then include it as a link in a post. Alternatively you could include it as a link in your sidebar, but that's an alternative.

To link to a specifc blog do the same thing from the bloglist at the top of your page: click it and copy the url from the address bar. Then either include it in a post or add it to your sidebar.

I don't think I'll be back for a day or two, so I hope it helps. LaterOn!

Oh BTW the trackback link is a link that is supposed to be used by someone else who wants to trackback to your post. I don't think it shows anything, but using IE is, like, to-da-lee old school. Life is much better when you do the web on [url=]Firefox[/url]!

3 Aug 21, 2005 04:51

I kept trying to use the perma link that was created. That solves my problem...Yeh I know Im old school.

Thanks for the help!

4 Aug 21, 2005 12:14

There's a difference between old school and being plain dumb. Would you leave you front door open and just hope you don't get burgled? Of course you wouldn't. IE is unsecure. It should only be used for testing your pages to see how much it's crap css handling has destroyed your perfectly valid code...

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