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1 Sep 11, 2005 13:33    

I got bored of the plain look for my blog, so I decided to get a tad more graphical.

If you're on a dial-up then I'm afraid it's going to take a while to download as I haven't optomised the images yet ...... at least it'll give you time to go get a beer :p

[url=]¥åßßå ßåßßlès[/url]

Have fun,

2 Sep 11, 2005 13:46

Good work making it valid strict and it looks good too.


3 Sep 12, 2005 08:05

Lol, validation before visualisations, sure sign of a programmer :p

Thanks ;)


4 Sep 16, 2005 18:37

Ok, by the number of views and the number of reviews, I have to assume that it's crap .... so ...... tell me the bits you hate about it


5 Sep 16, 2005 19:23

Hmmm... I wouldn't say crap, but I can tell ya what I think. Very graphical, but not, ya know, "busy". I dig on the corner thingies on the left. Funky nav tools are cool. Your buttons on the bottom edge are unique and therefore go with the whole funky spacy way-out thing rather well, BUT overall I'd have to move on more than stay.

The big box in the middle - the actual content area - it won't scroll with my little mouse wheel. I like my mouse wheel. I also can't make is scroll with my arrow keys after clicking inside the big box. Basically I have to use the slider, and I prefer that tool for big jumps instead of casual reading. Also it's a partial transparency in the big box right? That's why I can sort of see the background through it? AFAIK it slows down browsers, especially when large chunks of stuff gotta go through partial transparentization. I'm using Firefox, so after accepting that I have to do it with the slider it gets all herkyjerky on me.

Keep in mind this is feedback from someone who thinks changing the shade of black used for monotype is an artistic expression...

6 Sep 17, 2005 08:46

Hi EdB,
Lol, I suppose I did ask huh ? ;)

I must admit, it gets my goat that IE actually scrolls the center bit but FF won't.:-/ I'm considering removing the partial transparency to make it a tad "smoother".

Thanks for taking the time to share your opinion, it's enligtening as always


7 Sep 17, 2005 11:26

When trying to post a comment to congratulate you about the winning price I got this error

Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in C:\domains\\wwwroot\blogs\b2evocore\_functions.php on line 1081

About the design, IMHO:
- I like the tranparency of the background, but I do not like the background itself
- I like the button in upper left, but I think the button in bottom left is "too much"
- the green used for small buttons (rss, css ...) is not very beautifull

Hope it helps,


8 Sep 17, 2005 12:31

Hi Slamp,

How wierd, I just tried commenting whilst logged in and logged out and didn't get an error :-/ could you possibly try making another comment and see if it gives you the same error?

At the moment the background is just one of my pics that I happened to have on that server already, once I finish coding the gallery part of my website then you'll be able to choose any of my pics as the background.

Again, once I finish all the coding, you'll be able to "close" both the menus which should make it look less cluttered whilst your browsing. Unfortunately I kind of need all of those buttons for the navigation ..... I'll have to think about alternatives that may work.

I actually hate green, so I don't know why I picked it .... you can be sure they'll change shortly ;)

Thanks for taking the time to review it :D


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