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1 Dec 15, 2003 23:32    

Howdy all,

What about setting up a Wiki (or maybe even blog-based) documentation site? I could possibily be talked into creating an outline for such a site. Would anyone else want to help out?


3 Dec 16, 2003 15:52

Well I don't really like Wikis for them generally being a gigantic unstructured mess. However, documentation definitely needs some collaborative work upon.

Can you explain a little more what you're thinking about?

Will you integrate teh current (bits of) doc ?

4 Dec 16, 2003 16:02

I'd be glad to help integrating what exists of documentation into a Wiki (or some other collaborative system).


5 Dec 16, 2003 16:08

Btw, if we run a wiki, I'd rather use one based on PHP rather than on Perl like Twiki.

7 Dec 16, 2003 17:00

I can across PHPWiki earlier this morning... I be happy to give setting it up a go. Ya want me to use the b2evo site? Something like ""?

8 Dec 16, 2003 17:18

I'd say or ?
What's the most relevant?

Tell me and I'll set up the DNS to point to the same IP, then I let you install the wiki...

9 Dec 16, 2003 17:55

I would go with I think it'd be a good idea to come up with some sort of protocol for adding code documentation...? A how-to section would also be good, but I don't think it would need to be as structured.

Any thoughts?

10 Dec 16, 2003 18:42

Yup, docs.* sounds good. By protocol, I assume you mean some form of continuity in the layout, right? I think you're right about that. We should make a guideline for how to write documents there ("a how to write howtos", if you will ;)). That really should be one of the first documents to be written!

Yes, a how-to section might be nice, but since any howtos there would have to be "officially approved" by Francois (or at least proven to work), it would be difficult to make that section contain more than the bare minimum, which is how to use the functions already incorporated into b2evolution for one's own skin, like one can read in the existing manual. For anything else you might as well just continue to use the forum for that. What do you think?


11 Dec 16, 2003 19:22

okay domain is all set.

Travis, can I let you install appropriate Wiki software, add permissions for contributors where/if required and control submissions & organization?

I suggest not having too strict rules for the first couple of weeks so that anyone interested can contribute without too many rules to follow. After a while we'll see how it goes and what needs ruling and what not. I know quite a few people that have notes on how to do this or that and I'd like them to feel free to add those.

Anyways, I think the key to a good wiki is frequent REFACTORING no matter how many rules you set in advance. Please keep that in mind: we'll need peridocial and frequent refactoring in order to get the docs organized.

Also, I welcome anyone to migrate the existing manual pages to the wiki. I will delete them from the main site as soon as the docs.* site is operational with some content and make direct links to it. (We'll need some fixed URLs for those few direct links).

12 Dec 16, 2003 19:25

I'm working on it as we speak...

13 Dec 16, 2003 19:27

hehe this is getting exciting :))

14 Dec 17, 2003 22:45

Ok, now I'm really pissed. I just wrote a whole page in the Wiki, clicked preview, and waited. The timelimit was exceeded, so I clicked back, only to find that I had lost the text. Argh! >:(

I think I'll try it again tomorrow, but with backups this time.


15 Dec 17, 2003 23:09

I had no problem until I tried to used the login feature. Touch that field and you'll start to get terrible response times :-/

16 Dec 17, 2003 23:34

The only trouble I've had out of the login is when you try to use a password for an account that doesn't reall exist. There's only one password protected account - the admininstration one. If you login with anything else, don't use a password. That should work anyway...

17 Dec 18, 2003 10:26

Yeah, it worked for me without any password.


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