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1 Aug 28, 2005 11:28    

I've been working on the registration/login forms and have noticed a wierd validation error with the cvs version.

If you goto any form in htsrv (login , register , lost password) and view the source you'll see that labels are :-
<label for="whatever">

however, if you validate the pages the validator sees :-
<label for="whatever"">.

I've scanned through the form class/functions but can't see what's causing it.

Just in case this was a windoze bug I also checked against the demo version and the same error occurs (there's also a missing alt tag, but that's a simple thing to fix)

[url=]Demo blog - login page[/url]
[url=]Validation results for login page[/url]


Update, it would appear that for once the w3c agrees with IE 8| .
If you view the source in IE it shows <label for="whatever""> as well.

2 Aug 30, 2005 20:26

okay, fixed.

Thanks for reporting.

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