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1 Sep 09, 2005 15:43    

Tinkering with plugins, I turned on the form param for the categories plugin and got 3 radio buttons to select my criteria, but no submit (or reset) buttons. Adding the buttons was no biggie, but they do nothing since it's not a form anymore. I tried to make it a form with

		if( $params['form'] )
		{	// We want to add form fields:
		form_formstart( $Blog->dget( 'blogurl', 'raw' ) );

but it got mad at me for "Call to a member function on a non-object in /my_test_domain/plugins/_categories.plugin.php on line 158".

I also wanted to add params for b_submit and b_reset so I could have only a submit button or both (and do some onmouseover and onmouseout stuff), but gave up when it yelled at me for trying to be clever.

EDIT: AFAIK I am using the latest and greatest CVS - I updated my local copy yesterday.

2 Sep 09, 2005 20:23

Another issue is that you get an xhtml validation error under certain circumstances. If you have categories on blog#1 and you have a blog with no categories then you get "<ul></ul>", which makes the validator kick and scream and say rude things to me. It seemed odd to me that I got 'list_start' and 'list_end' but no 'line_start' and 'line_end'. I also didn't get a link to "All" cats, but I guess that's somehow due to no categories existing?

I saw this while checking validation of the blog#1 page in an unhacked cvs installation, and I apologize for not having any idea how to make it be happy.

3 Sep 10, 2005 09:55

"Call to a member function on a non-object in /my_test_domain/plugins/_categories.plugin.php on line 158".

Try adding :-
global $Blog;


5 Sep 14, 2005 21:54

The plugin is not including a form by design.
You'll actually most probably want to combine multiple plugins (with inputs) into a single form that holds them all. This allows more search possibilities.

6 Sep 14, 2005 22:48

Cool, and thanks. Given that my goal was to keep the look of an older skin while making it phoenix-compliant, and that's just not going to be possible until an unknown future thing happens, I'll just bag the form and button thing. It's not going to be any hardship, and in fact makes it easier for me to get back on that little project - cuz now I'm almost done!

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