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1 Sep 01, 2005 06:59    

If the word "research" forms part of a URL I can't post that because it's made invalid due to dozens (if not more) of Banned List entries containing "search".

Now I don't want to have to go through and allow all of those just to add a URL with "dnaresearch" in it

Any suggestion or help appreciated


2 Sep 01, 2005 07:17

Since loading the full antispam list of keywords can take a while, use the SHIFT key to authorize the unwanted antispam keywords:

  • Display the full list of antispam keywords.

  • Click inside

  • Search for "search" or other part of "research" keyword (use "CTRL+F", then type "search", then click the search button).

  • Once a banned keyword is found, authorize it by clicking on the left green "V" icon maintaining the SHIFT key (see your keyboard) pressed. This is going to open a new window. Once this new page is fully displayed (and the keyword authorized again), close that window and come back to the previous one with our antispam keywords.

  • [*]Find other banned "research"-associated keywords and authorize them again by clicking on the green "V" icon maintaining the SHIFT key.[/list:u]Once finished, I recommand you to install the [url=]Antispam recheck tool part3[/url]. That hack avoids displaying the full list of banned keywords on the antispam page.

3 Sep 01, 2005 08:15

I'm on the short list of banned keyword administrators now. Assuming I can figure out how to get in I'll take care of it, but I won't do either until after this weekend. I hope someone beats me to it though because you're right - it is a good ban with unfortunate side effects. Some spammers now send "search.baddomain.tld" and it gets logged as a search. It's not! You've found the obvious downside.

For the record I will also be doing a manual equivalent of Isaac's auto-prune hack. That will offset the unfortunate increase that will happen when certain generic terms get removed. After all that I will write a hack that will dump your blacklist of terms that came from central and reset your settings table field back to day one so you can get the proper and pruned blacklist.

4 Sep 01, 2005 08:39

Since the antispam blacklist doesn't accept regular expressions, it would be a good idea to add the prefix dot (".") to some domains as they appear in the original referrer spammer links. I mean reporting .spammer.tld instead of spammer.tld for example. That reduces the risks of reporting keywords that might appear to be part of common words. (For instance, banning also bans, while banning doesn't.)

5 Sep 01, 2005 09:03

Thanks Ralphy and Edb and yes, have a great weekend :)

6 Sep 01, 2005 09:10

I was just thinking about this a bit. I vaguely recall getting spam from "", so if it's the actual domain name that the records show then it's gotta stay, and thus wouldn't pass. Apparently they got records of how many people report a certain keyword.

I agree though - keep the preceeding dot. When I did my Ban by IP hack (all in the back office of course) I stripped out stuff before the first dot in the cases except for blogspot and myblogsite. The problem there is that when and and bar.tld are spamming you then you have to ban bar.tld in it's entirety.

I think a wicked cool hack would be to allow the blogger to over-ride the antispam blacklist when posting. I thought of that when I couldn't post a link to my "nakedbob" skin, but never did the hack. Like maybe the screen says "hey there's a banned word in there - should I do it anyway?"

I wish I could sleep without getting likkered up. Trying not to be drunk on a regular basis has a price :(

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