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1 Sep 01, 2005 21:02    

I'm wondering if there is a way to clear out the antispam blacklist completely?

I have had numerous valid links tagged as spam "error invalid url" because I linked something that had a keyword in it. (todays link was an article on how amazon has gotten into the sex toy buisness)
Try as I might to erase anything in the blacklist that might be causing the break I couldn't get to them all... not in any reasonable time.

Now, I have settled my spam issues completely and I dont use or rely on the antispam list at all. - I dont post stats or referrers - and I've disabled urls in comments.

Combine that with a .htaccess file that kills off the spammer crawlers and I'm safe as could be.

So don't yell at me :D I've got the spam issues covered. -

I'm sure theres an even simpler way to just turn off the antispam check - ? Could one of you guru's point me in the right direction?

2 Sep 01, 2005 21:17

You could just go into MySQL and empty out the evo_antispam table. I don't have the SQL for you, but I know EdB has done this. Maybe he'll wander along and give you the magic code.

3 Sep 01, 2005 21:35

I did a bit of research and I think this should do it:

TRUNCATE TABLE evo_antispam;

That will basically drop the whole table, then recreate it as an empty table (so you don't get any errors when b2evo goes looking for the table). You can give that SQL to MySQL through the command line, or phpMyAdmin or we could write up a little php script for you to upload and run.

5 Sep 01, 2005 22:07

I do have php myadmin - so in the b2evo database I would then run the line

TRUNCATE TABLE evo_antispam;

with the semicolon as well ?


6 Sep 01, 2005 22:22

That's right. You have to have that semicolon or your head will asplode.

7 Sep 01, 2005 23:57

I got all nervous that my site would asplode so I deleted every entry under the

evo_antispam / aspm_id table...

worked like a charm - not that I doubt your sql string I'm just really scared every time I go into a sql database. :o And to boot I'm too many beers into a Thursday to repair anything. Much thanks for the direction....

you know - theres a hell of alot of entries in there- at the end I was listing 1500 entries at a time - hitting check all and delete... I did that alot...

thats gotta be taking a hit on the performance on B2 Evo - either in reading or posting dosent it ?- and putting alot of sql query load on the host ?

8 Sep 02, 2005 00:04

I didn't mean asplode as in break your blog. The query just wouldn't have worked without the semicolon. Oh well, at least you got some exercise. Yeah, that does pull and push a lot of data between your webserver and mysql server. More than anything that's a testament to the efficiency of mysql. Or something.

9 Sep 02, 2005 00:14

I fear the mighty MY SQL -

Is a blacklist really a good idea anymore with the numerous entries?


10 Sep 02, 2005 00:25

It is a dangerous and powerful beast. There's no undo buttom and now recycle bin.

I think it still works. There are scripts that prune redundant entries and there's been talk of doing something to see which spammers are still active and which can be removed from the list.

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