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1 Sep 01, 2005 12:13    


I´m using kubrick2evo skin. I have a general problem regarding the navigation:

if you browse to this you see the complet page with navigation on the right site.

if you browse to this the navigation is gone :'(

Is there a possibility to have the navigation always in the view?

Kind regards

2 Sep 01, 2005 15:18

There are several places in the _main.php file where it has

if ( $disp != 'single' ) { 

then it gives one layout that will display the sidebar, then

} else {

and another layout that won't display the sidebar. If you removed the if statement and the parts that aren't meant to show the sidebar, then you could get it to show on every page. It might take some work and some basic knowledge of php, but it is possible.

4 Sep 02, 2005 07:18

It works perfect!!!

Have a nice day ;)


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