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1 Sep 01, 2005 23:55    

Is there any way to create a border around the entire page? Not just around the different components? I sort of want it to look like a picture frame. Thanks!

3 Sep 02, 2005 19:56

Well, here is a link to my blog... it's still in the VERY early planning stages...

I started out with the "plain" skin, but have obviously made many changes...

Thanks a bunch in advance!

4 Sep 08, 2005 18:42

Anyone out there with any ideas? Thanks in advance!

5 Sep 08, 2005 19:06

I just put an ugly black border around your content with this change to your css:

#content {
	margin:0 auto 0 auto;
border: 12px solid black;
padding: 6px;

You can try something else to make it be pretty. First put a "<div id=outercontent"> around your "<div id="content">", then define that outercontent something like this:

#outercontent {
background-image: url('../img/bkgnd.jpg');

Where bkgnd.jpg is an image you want that will make a nice frame. You could even accent the frame by giving outercontent and content a 1px border of appropriate colors if you wanted.

No promises on how it'll work in IE though - I hate working through IE foibles!

6 Sep 08, 2005 19:10

Sorry I took so long to get back to you. Open up _main.php and right after the opening body tag, put this:

<div id="wrapper">

Then right before the closing body tag make it look like this:


Now open up style.css and add something like this:

#wrapper {
border: 20px solid #94AE62;

You can experiment with different values, using images, using two nested divs to get two styles and more of a picture frame effect, etc.

7 Sep 08, 2005 19:13

You can also get really fancy and use your menu.jpg across the top and bottom, then rotate it 90 degrees and use it down the sides. It'd be pretty tough code though - have to make a div above and below content, then somehow one on each side. Or just use menu.jpg as your outercontent background image.

Oh yeah: outercontent would have to be sort of like your content div.

   margin:0 auto 0 auto;
background-image: url('../img/menu.jpg');

I think you won't get the tops and bottoms to show that way - only the sides. For top and bottom you probably need to have padding (or is it margin?) on your outercontent (or is it content?). Something like "padding-top: 12px;padding-bottom:12px;". I think padding is where IE gets lost. Not sure - always have to experiment over and over until I either stumble on a solution or just give up :lol:

8 Sep 08, 2005 22:48

You guys are awesome! I'm going to play with it tonight, and let you know how it turns out... thank you, thank you, thank you!!

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