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1 Sep 04, 2005 22:22    

I know there is the reverse, the MT import plugin... but frankly guys, I am having so many issues with b2evolution, and the fact that it hasn't really evolved in over a year... that I want to give Movable Type a try, even paying $39, I figure I am actually saving money...

The effort and money I lost migrating from one server to another because b2evolution was wrecking havoc in the host server... and the time I spent trying to "customize" my blog unsuccessfully... at some point I said "I need to learn php"... but then I said, wait, I am a writer, why should I become a programmer?

So if anybody has an idea how to move from b2evo to MT I would love to hear how to do it.

The reasons why I want to give MT a go are identical to this ones here (from

Note: I'm talking about an ancient version (more than a year old) here. New b2evo is probably much better. One user on our server had b2evo installed. It seemed that some db update queries randomly caused 98% load on mysql... Which, coupled with comment spam and the fact that b2evo development didn't seem too fast, was the cause to start moving that particular blog to WordPress. Initially I was thinking that "simple update of current script" was the way to go, but looking at the update instructions made me quickly change my mind. I mean, you have to apply about three rounds of logic changes & updates to TEMPLATES by hand? WTF?! This script has hackish feel to it. Also, check if you like the documentation. Some systems may have better stuff on that front, especially for beginners.

And also this comment reflects my experience with b2evo:

B2e is a great blog tool, but I feel has been badly let down in terms of it's on-going development. As mentioned previously, there are few decent skins for it, and creating your own skin is overly complex due to the lack of separation between presentation and logic in the templating system. The stats reporting is neat, not seen anything this good in any other blog. However, it's downfall is that in a common setup, a level of stats are displayed to the user - making it a great target for spam bots who want to get their links on popular blogs. I found running B2e attracted the attention of spambots, who saw it as easy pickings for their evil doing (more than other blogs I've run). Even when I removed some of the stats reporting features from the templates, it was too late and I still got bombarded with fake-referrer floods. I have now moved to WordPress (which is easy to do as B2e and WP share an original codebase). Overall: Nice blog, but attracts too many spambots that in turn creates bandwidth and load issues for anyone

This last comment summarizes my experience to the T... not criticism, b2evo is great, but just not for me with my limited (zero, actually) knowledge of programming... b2evo like the name sounds, it's for people who really know what they are doing, not for writers.

Again, any help going into MT would be appreciated, I am sure someone must have done this transition before...

2 Sep 04, 2005 22:27

Thats a question better suited to the MT people, isnt it? I think that's one of the reasons they charge...

I wish you luck, and am sorry you had trouble with b2evolution but I am going to lock this thread. Perhaps if someone here knows of a way to help, they will pm you.

PS: While I was responding you edited your post, to include the quotes. I am not sure why -- no-one here requires any justification for your change. What someone chooses to blog with is up to them. That said, you asked for assistance with switching. THAT question needs to go to them (MT). The rest of your post, frankly, has nothing to do with your question, and is, of course, debatable.

And by the way, be prepared to learn Perl while you are using MT.

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