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1 Sep 14, 2005 16:54    

Hi there -

I am still playing with my skins, and I would love to have a background image that displays ONLY in the main/posting area of my site, and not in the sidebar...

Right now, for some reason it shows in the posting area and the sidebar, and is reversed in the sidebar... obviously, I would like to have spirals only on the left hand side...

Any thoughts? I've already tried the following:

- creating a "background" category on my style sheet, and placing div tags for background after body and after mainbar (two separate attempts)

- modifying the mainbar category on the stylesheet to have a background.

Neither seem to have worked...

Thanks in advance!


2 Sep 14, 2005 16:58

Try making the sidebar have a background color:

#sidebar {
background-color: #FFF;

3 Sep 14, 2005 17:32

Woo-hoo! That did it... :)

Now, is there any way to move the blog entries over a smidge so they aren't in the middle of the spiral?

And, how do I get rid of it from the bottom... looks like it's pushing the footer banner out of the way... (right now, I have the background image set as part of the "mainbar" class.... )

4 Sep 14, 2005 17:43

Make your mainbar style look like this:

#mainbar {
        margin-left: 40px;

Get the image url out of there (you'r applying it to the content div instead) and add a left margin.

5 Sep 14, 2005 17:57

You are the BEST!! Thank you so much!

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