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1 Sep 15, 2005 03:52    

Hi. I have posts in French and Japanese on my blog. The locale is set to French for some posts, and on Japanese for some others. The search function works only with French words. Is this a bug or my settings (locales) are wrong?

Any suggestion would be appreciated. :)


2 Sep 15, 2005 03:57

Note :

I realise that it works on my default page (set to Japanese) and on one of the Japanese blogs (Nipkei), but not in the Bungakkun blog, although the locale is set to Japanese. :(

3 Sep 15, 2005 04:06

Problem solved. I had to put my own locale (in my profile) to Japanese before writing a post in Japanese. When I do so the text is recognised by the search engine. :oops:

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