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1 Sep 15, 2005 04:12    

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Pings are done when the post is tagged as published and not when the post is published for real. The right behavior should be to ping blog services (as well as other blogs and send trackbacks) when the post is published, not before. That might be done on the first post display.

I almost always publish my posts with a date in the future. Pinging blogging ping services makes me appearing as spammer (since I ping them while no new post is published!) This is probably why I've been banned from [url=][/url].

2 Sep 15, 2005 08:58

it's a well known 'not doing what we suspect to do' behaviour in all 0.9.0.x branches.
It's still a legacy from 0.8.x

I too, publish a lot in the future, and it's a pain in the ass

3 Sep 19, 2005 14:28

The problem with doing it on first display is that if it is displayed 3 times within the second it takes to ping and be sure the ping has gone through, 3 pings are going to be issued...

Doing this properly actually requires to build in locks wich is not possible with widespread mysql isam installations, so it's kind of a real pain in the ass...

4 Sep 19, 2005 19:42

You're right. The problem appears to be multithreaded programming in PHP... It's been solved in other languages, so there should not be too difficult to implement in b2evolution. I'm going to investigate on that subject in the next few weeks (I've got other tasks to finish first).

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