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1 Sep 23, 2005 11:24    

I'm looking for a plugin that allows me to draw tables conveniently, using very simple syntax, e.g., a pipe syntax similar to [url=]that used by wikipedia[/url].

I know that textile (beta) [and only textile] does support a simple syntax to draw table, but it seems too big for me to enable it if I just need the table feature. Also it can recognize so many things that it breaks with some of my posts. I'm looking for a handy plugin like 'Wiki Table' or 'Pipe Table', say, just for drawing tables.

Any advice? If there's no such a plugin, I'm going to write one. Any 'standard' / 'de facto standard' table syntax that is good to follow?

2 Sep 27, 2005 06:00

It seems like there is no such plugin yet. Then, I'll write a plugin 'Wiki Table', which follows the standard used in Wikipedia. Please drop me a note if anybody has a better suggestion.

3 Sep 27, 2005 06:31

Hang tight a second. I think it's been done but I didn't think enough when your post was fresh. Lemme dig a bit...

Check out and see if it suits your fancy. I can't say if it'll work with what version, or what was in CVS when the final post was added to it, so maybe it's just clutter?

Actually it's probably way more than you seek since I seem to recall it being some sort of masterblaster be-all taggy monster. As I recall I felt it was cool for those already comfortable with the syntax. It's possible where you want to go will (a) be table-focused and (b) have a simpler syntax driving it.

Syntax isn't fair. Why should I pay the government for my vices?

4 Sep 27, 2005 08:13

Thanks EdB. I just studied the post you mentioned, about Markdown syntax.
Unfortunately I found that it doesn't support any simple syntax to create xhtml table too. :roll: So, we may still need to create one.

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