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1 Sep 30, 2005 09:40    

I have added [url=]OPML support to b2evolution (download here)[/url].

My OPML feed lists all weblogs on the site (all RSS, RDF, and Atom feeds, as well as the HTML URLs) in hierarchical format. Here is my OPML feed:

OPML allows users (with supporting software) to subscribe to several RSS feeds easily.

I have used the meta tag <link type="text/x-opml" href="..." /> without even rel attribute to refer to the OPML feed. Correct? What would be the correct value for rel attribute in this case? "alternate" would be wrong because it is not an alternate representation for a weblog. Or indeed to use "alternate"?

2 Dec 09, 2006 15:40

It looks like you've lost, so all of your links are broken. Do you have another url where this stuff can be found? If not, can you email me a copy of the opml plugin and I'll host it on

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