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Have <a href> tags been removed from comments?

Started by on Sep 24, 2005 – Contents updated: Sep 24, 2005

Sep 24, 2005 23:24    

Have <a href> hyperlink tabs been disallowed in comments in 0.9.1 Dawn?

Not sure if it is an effective measure - I have included comment moderation in (so that spam comments would NEVER show to public) and am still getting lots of spam. - I guess those automated robots don't even care if there's a result from their actions, they just spam.

Hyperlinks, after all, are what made WWW what it is now. And when people comment in some blog, quite often they include links to more information.

Sep 24, 2005 23:39

Hi captsolo! Looks like the answer is YES. The moderation of comments isn't stock b2evolution, and with .9.1 Francois has made a pretty strong effort to tell the spammers there is no home for them here. Since spammers figured out to put the spam in the body of a comment as a link (often dozens of times) the ability to leave links has been removed. You can, as you desire, add 'em back in.

Basically take a look at your conf/_formatting file and check out what's commented out around line 367. From there it ought to be easy...

Which version of comment moderation are you using? Have you seen that it works in v.9.1? If so let everyone know that an oldie has crossed the upgrade line!

Sep 25, 2005 00:03

I made just a simple comment moderation.

Have not released it as I did not felt it to be polished enough, but guess I'll just publish it in case if anyone finds it useful.

Cannot comment about v.9.1 yet - am upgrading right now.
Maybe it has so good anti-spam stuff that moderation is not needed.

P.S. I disagree about disabling <a href> by default - to be consistent then we could as well disable showing of author url as well (as they perform quite similar function).

Adding rel=nofollow should be enough there - as if it is a spam you'd want to delete or moderate it anyway. But the general direction of showing spammers b2evo is not home for them is a good move, glad that Dawn has come out. :)

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