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Is it a good/right way that blog stores images in database?

Started by on Oct 03, 2005 – Contents updated: Oct 03, 2005

Oct 03, 2005 20:10    

hi~ b2evo users

How many benefits or harm if b2 stores images in database?

Oct 04, 2005 00:03

Using a database to store images adds software layers to access the image data. The new software layer here is the database itself. Obviously, there are some cache systems on databases, but there are also on file systems, so loading an image from the database would use both caches, each one being independant. In other words, including image files in databases is probably more CPU, memory and disk intensive than just using simple files.

I can understand there are reasons where it is more interesting to use database than simple files. After all, using two systems for data management might become difficult to maintain on large databases. However, I believe using files is more interesting from the performance point of view.

Oct 04, 2005 20:40

i got it, so it wasn't a right way...

thanx for your reply, kwa.
im just tire of manage my photo :lol:

this is what i thinking if we add a function to auto-saving photos in db by urls, that will be very easy to backup blog,but as you said that mightn't be a good idea...

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