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1 Oct 17, 2005 12:39    

It will be great if when login into the admin panel, b2evolution check if a new version is available and shows it if necessary.

2 Oct 17, 2005 13:38

Mmmmm.... going on history it wouldn't get activated too often

InvisionBoard has it and while it's handy, one usually finds out from the applications web site. Can't do any harm I guess.

I think a better idea would be if the Front Page of B2Evo had an RSS feed.

4 Oct 17, 2005 15:58

The purpose is to warn users when a security update of b2evolution is available. If they see A new version is available the will think of updating their version.
For exemple: I'm going to my admin section each day, but I check b2evolution home page one time per week.

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