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1 Oct 19, 2005 01:32    


I've just completed what I think is a good modification of Edb's upcode idea, where you can insert code (html code and other languages too) into your blog, without b2evo complaining

I took the code and modified it a lot, basically making the insert code part of the edit post page, as opposed to the version which makes a popup window, also now is the ability to pase code fragments into the cursor position, not just the end

also, some of the character replacement rules are commented out,   was causing a lot of trouble for me so I commented it out and was able to post my entire b2upcode.php file without b2evo complaining at me over issues I discuss in this thread

I've got a blog item on the code, you can read it here:

please comment if you want, or you can comment here instead, maybe more people will see the discussion if we discuss it on the forum?

I've also got another b2evolution blog where I discuss and fix the hidden password length problem I ran into where you can't have a password longer than 20 characters, anyone interested in that, should read that up too


2 Oct 19, 2005 01:42

a good modification to go further would be to do syntax highlighting and perhaps indentation, I read in the same thread or those which are linked from it, that you can use GeSHI, as the guy in this thread discusses:

however at the bottom of that page, there isa security advisory for the software and I'm wondering about whether it's secure enough or designed well enough to use, I mean, I dont want to be tarnished by hacked software

whats people think? or perhaps those problems are gone now and people use it and have great experiences, you can get back in touch, it'd be a great addition

also indentation, anyone got experience or know a technique about that? might be good idea

3 Oct 19, 2005 03:13

Thanks for deciding to share your upgrade, but the post you link to is missing. I get the "sorry there is no post to display" message.

4 Oct 19, 2005 10:23

something seriously wrong your end there I guess, I just clicked all the links and they all loaded up the pages they are supposed to link to..

can you be specific as to what link you are referring to? I don't have any problems, isnt my server, I'm external to it as well as you are, I dont have any problems whatsoever.

6 Oct 19, 2005 11:43


sorry about that, I'm new to blogging and i didnt realise what I had done, to stop the article being published publically before it was complete, I marked it draft, cause i was having problems editing articles with HTML tags and things in, remember?

so anyway, I thought I finished it and there it was, on my blog for me to see, what I didnt realise what the articlewas visible to me because it was private and I was logged in, logging off and showing the blog showed the problem

thats why I thought it was your problem, cause it was *right there!! in front of me!!!*

apologise mate, my bad, it's up now

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