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1 Oct 21, 2005 02:55    

Hi everyone, I had a b2evolution blog where I wanted to give members the ability to post and EDIT their OWN posts in certain blogs/categories,

I wanted them to be able to only edit their OWN posts and not see any of the other posts in the backend.... after playing around with b2evolution for a bit I managed to get that to work using the following code and thought to share it with everyone that might be able to use it and hope that its actually usefull :)

simply goto the admin folder and then open the file _edit_showposts.php

goto line 58 or search for "// Get the posts to display:"
then add the text below after the line(without the comments)
$admin_id=1; //change this to your admin ID
if($author=$current_User->ID $admin_id){

That will restrict editing access to ONLY the posts creator and will not show any of the other posts of other users, so now users can edit their own post on b2evolution. Ofcourse I had set the admin to view all posts so that i can have total control.

Have fun and hope it helps.


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