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b2evolution documentation for plugins and skins

Started by on Oct 22, 2005 – Contents updated: Oct 22, 2005

Oct 22, 2005 15:35    

For example, has

Is there a similiar thing for b2evolution, something that says all the already defined functions and variables, so we dont need to make our own calls and logic to display information in our plugin/skin?

So instead of me calling the database, search for something, retrieve it, is there something which is like author("balupton")->website;

Cause atm we need to scan the .php files and figure out what we can do, we need to practictly know how b2evo works before we can do something.

I think this would be a big step for developers...

Oct 22, 2005 16:23

I'm imagining what you want is found in the technical documentation There are links along the top which will get you information for the entire program. But I'm not sure if that really has what you're after.

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