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1 Nov 03, 2005 16:54    

I don't know what the plans are with Phoenix, but I believe that more core attributes should be allowed (by default) than those currently allowed.

I recommend adding "id", "title" and "style" as core attributes.

(for sure "id" and "style" ... as these are often utilized and xhtml-valid.

-stk :D

2 May 05, 2006 00:26

One good bump deserves another. I second this request.

3 May 05, 2006 00:32

I'm not sure what all this good bumping will lead to, but thanks (I think). ;)

4 May 05, 2006 20:14

It's Fran├žois who would change it, but I can say that style will probably not get included, because it allows JS and such.. :(

5 May 05, 2006 22:23

Guess I'll have to shoot myself in the foot again. :|

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