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1 Nov 07, 2005 23:35    

Hello all. I am new to b2evolution, but so far I am really enjoying it!

I am running Dawn, and anytime I have to access the remote server, be it trying to get the updated blacklist, or ping when I have a new post, I am getting the following error:

Remote error: Didn't receive 200 OK from remote server

Is there a setup step that I missed? Is it a problem with my hosting domain? Am I blind as a bat and missed something obvious in this forum? Any help would be appreciated.


2 Nov 08, 2005 18:08

Occasionally there are problems with the central site. It's working for me right now, though it is pretty slow. It's probably just a lot of traffic or the devs are improving it. Try it later and it should work fine.

3 Dec 11, 2005 03:16

The plot thickens...

The website that I am having this problem on is remotely hosted (by I recently set up a linux environment with Apache 2.0, PHP 5 and MySQL 5 and, to my surprise, I am not having any issues with connecting to the remote server.

What could be preventing my production site ( from connecting? Could it be my hosting service blocking something? Is it environmental? I do not have access to a command prompt, just FTP.


4 Dec 11, 2005 14:21

bd80599, try setting $debug = 1 in /conf/_advanced.php and see if it gives you more details in case of failure. At least on the antispam update it should give you the whole answer.

Please paste this here then.

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